Tarkashi Craft

Originating from Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh, Tarkashi is an exquisite art form that dates back to 16th century, that also got spread to Rajasthan under the aegis of Sawai Man Singh II. It is a highly skilled and laborious technique of inlaying brass, copper or silver wires (‘taar’) in wood. The process includes carving of the design from a piece of paper onto a hard block of wood in the form of deep and thin grooves, after which the wires are painstakingly placed in these grooves and settled into the position by a hammer.

Tarkashi art transforms the appeal of plain wood into a royal and imperialistic masterpiece. No wonder, because of its alluring nature and high-end appeal, even, the kings and queens of Rajasthan were big admirers of this art form. They incorporated it in their forts and palaces, in the form of beautifully inlaid doors with ivory and intricate floral or geometric patterns and other furnishings.

The patterns inlayed are usually intricate geometric forms or florals from Mughal arts. The artisans craft the object with much finesse and expert craftsmanship to achieve perfection.

The subtle metal wood combination has the ability to captivate onlookers and win hearts. Tarkashi Craft can add a folkloric beauty to the interior of a place. Representing class and intricacy. Tarkashi is one of the most beautiful art forms of India having a rich historical background.


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