Artisans not Sellers

Curio Cult aspires to provide Indian artisans all over the country and their work a firm platform in order to reach out to the mass audience. We are patrons of art and that is why we showcase the work of true artisans and not commercial sellers. Our love for art and culture makes us unique in our own way.

There are so many regional painters, sculptors, and artists who do not get a chance to bring their art to the forefront or market them or advertise them owing to the lack of amenities. It is here where Curio Cult aims to cover the market gap. We wish to spread the message of ‘kalakriti’ through the work of our talented artisans. Curio Cult’s collection of art and craft is exclusively crafted from different parts of India, each handpicked or exclusively delegated by Curio Cult. Our collection is handmade and gracefully upholds the values and the dedication of the artists behind it. Our collection has a wide range of art forms which include Bidri Craft, Madhubani Painting, Saura Tribal Art, Kalamkari and everything that reflects our rich cultural heritage.

From the day of its inception- Culture, Art, Hard work and Quality of our collection – have been the four pillars on which Curio Cult rests its weight. We have never compromised on our values; quality has always been prioritized over quantity here. We do not see you as a part of our clientele rather for us you are the patrons who believe in encouraging the artisans to come up with better and greater works of Art. These artists have always wanted to reach you; without your appreciation and support, their unparalleled efforts render futility. Curio Cult is the thread connecting you with the community of artisans. We are always on a lookout for something unique to bring out to you. Every time you buy your favourite art or craft, you are extending a warm hand towards our artisans who are waiting to be encouraged and praised.


Reveal yourself through the subtlety of Art and the vibrancy of your Culture. Let us be the window of your expression; join our hands in this exploration of incredible art and traditions!

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