Artisans of India

‘Incredible India’ -as it’s called, but what makes India so incredible? who makes it so? The people who toiled harder to offer that incredibility to India are however not shining.
Unfortunately, many of the craftsmen are still living without the basic amenities. They are struggling hard for their survival, education, health, security, the safety of their families. All these factors and situation enforce them to shift to a substitute source of earning which fossilizes that particular traditional art. Even today, craftsmen are at crossroads and beset with poverty and illness.
There should be design intervention workshops that can help craftsmen to design and craft products keeping that heritage alive along with the market needs and preferences. More initiatives should be encouraged to help Indian artisans and craftsmen for showcasing their art and market them better.
It’s our responsibility to save and support these artisans and craftsmen who are upholding the traditions and culture we are so proud of. If we won’t listen to the unuttered words of these craftsmen, soon there will be no voice left to talk.

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