Curio Cult is an initiative to revive Indian art and craft forms from different parts of India; in a space that showcases the true colours and essence of Indian culture.

Indian tradition is about endless rare gems hidden in the places you would least expect. In the unforgiving deserts of  Rajasthan, or in the harsh mountains of  Himalayas, or the Rann of Kutch. Curio Cult aims to explore these gems and bring them to the platforms where they are duly acknowledged and cherished.

Imperial beauty and delicacy of traditional art and craft forms, not to forget the intricate handwork found in abundance in India, since the very old times has smitten the admirers worldwide and is still appreciated globally.

Curio Cult aims to connect these artisans to our audience, so that they can cherish Indian art and craft from the comfort of their home or even on a busy scheduled work day.

At  Curio Cult, we are committed to providing the best insight of true sagas behind the traditional Indian art forms, by handpicked selection of stories on artists/artisans and their art/craft work and bring to you exclusive quality merchandise to leave you with a lingering essence of the region every time you visit us.

In addition to sustainable social change, we passionately believe in deep-rooted travel, conversation, relationship, and a sensitivity towards our great nation.

Over the past year, we have worked to develop consistent sales channels, built collaborations with corporate clients and stabilize operations within the villages. With our growth continuing to accelerate, we will be able to employ 100+ weavers on projects, we will also be able to continue to expand and provide training and ongoing employment to many other artisans and weavers. As we grow the artisans and weavers we partner with will be able to sustain this positive impact and continue to lay the foundation for a brighter future.

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