Woollen ~ Laptop Sleeve

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Woollen ~ Laptop Sleeve is Curio Cult’s signature personal additi...

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Woollen ~ Laptop Sleeve is Curio Cult’s signature personal addition. The contrasting colourful patterns complete the look you need to create while boasting unique handmade work.


Each collection of Curio Cult is unique, handmade and part of very small batches exclusively delegated by Curio Cult. Please note that Curio Cult's products are not mass produced at industrial scale. All production involves handmade processes and are at the village level, thus promoting local talent but also rendering each product a unique quality.   


Visit our website to learn more about Curio Cult's approach to social impact.   


Details -

The Curio Cult Laptop Sleeve comes in two different sizes!

13 inch and 15 inch

Handwoven 100% cotton exterior fabric

Rubber foam interlining

Metal YKK zipper


External measurements:

15-15.9" - 42 cm * 32 cm * 2 cm

13-13.9" - 36 cm * 27 cm * 2 cm

Due to variations in the sizes of different models, please check the dimension before purchase.


Care Instructions:

Each handwoven fabric used by Curio Cult has been carefully selected for its colour, texture, durability, and beauty. Please treat these products with care to extend their life.

Humidity, salt and atmospheric agents may cause permanent and irreversible wear and tear. 

Avoid direct contact with rain, heat, oil, grease, alcohol and other abrasive products. 

A soft dry cloth can be used to remove any loose dirt which should be used only in direction of the weave. We would advise against the use of any cleaning products. 

In case of common stains, we recommend using warm water on a clean cloth.

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