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Pattachitra ~ Book Marks are Curio Cult's one of the hot selling collection. Why wouldn't you want to have one?


Pattachitra is a Sanskrit term used for traditional, cloth-based scroll painting. Based in and around Puri,  Konark and Bhubaneshwar region especially in the village of Raghurajpur, Odisha. In Sanskrit language, ‘Patta’ means ‘cloth’ and ‘Chitra’ means ‘picture’. Most of these paintings depict stories of Hindu deities and specially inspired by Jagannath and Vaishnava sect.


Pattachitra on palm leaf is known as a Tala Pattachitra in Oriya. Palm leaf from palm tree is taken and later left to become hard to make ‘Tala’. Hardened leaves are highlighted by black and white inks and sewn together for finally painting ‘Pattachitra’ art work on it.

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