Bidri Art ~~ Curio Cult

Bidri Art ~~ Curio Cult

'Bidriware' is one such metal art that has not only been embedded in the Indian context but has also traversed boundaries to cater to the global tastes. The art originated in ancient Persia and was brought to India during the Bahamani rule in Bidar. It blended with the local styles, giving birth to a unique art form known as 'Bidriware'.
Bidriware is manufactured from an alloy of copper and zinc by casting. The craftsman uses small chisels to engrave the design over the freehand etching. Fine wire or flattened strips of pure silver are then carefully hammered into these grooves. A special variety of soil which is available only in the unlit portions of the Bidar fort is used for the final blackening process. A paste is made which is then rubbed onto a heated bidri surface. The paste selectively darkens the body while it has no effect on the silver inlay.
The finished product appears black with brilliant silver inlay.

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Artisans edge over the  market

Artisans edge over the market

Handmade goods and crafts not only provide quality to products but also increase the quality

to the usability of the user as the handicrafts are made keeping many customs, ethnical and

cultural symbols and designs in mind, making the user connect to its roots, hence also

reviving the culture through modern forms of utility in this globalised era.

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