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This 17 cm long and 12 cm wide handmade makes you want it the insta...

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This 17 cm long and 12 cm wide handmade makes you want it the instant you put your eyes on it, isn’t it?.

The quirky hard cover has been made using a set of vibrant colours which lend this journal a life and charm of its own. If you are in a habit of writing journals or doodling this piece of art will make all the difference in your creativity. Bored of your regular notebooks? Put them aside and take this journal home. Amidst a boring lecture or a tedious meeting, the artwork of the journal will lighten your mood up instantly. The organic papers make blotting impossible giving you the liberty of using your favorite pen to spur your creativity out.

A vibrant piece of art work and high quality papers make this journal an exquisite item. Have you been waiting for that perfect journal to write your feelings down? Here it is then! Grab this beautiful hand made journal and make it yours forever! Or you could gift it to your best friend who is crazy about cool and rare stationeries. Either ways, you wouldn’t want it to slip away!

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