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Hand Block Printing is an old Indian art form that has been used to adorn fabric in India since centuries. Each unique design has to be first created by the artist, then hand carved onto a wooden block to create a stamp, which is dipped in dye and stamped by hand on the fabric.


Handcrafted in the heart of Rajasthan, Curio Cult Quilts are made from finest of the handloom fabrics, sourced from the roots of their origin. Beauteously hand block printed, in a palette of colours that are known for their tranquillising effect in the surrounding.

Each pattern and design has its own character and story that will ornate your space and remind you of the vibrant traditions that Curio Cult intimately hand picks for you.



Single   - 150cm * 228cm

Double - 228cm * 274cm


Each collection of Curio Cult is unique, handmade and part of very small batches exclusively delegated by Curio Cult. Please note that Curio Cult's products are not mass produced at industrial scale. All production involves handmade processes and are at the village level, thus promoting local talent and also rendering each product a unique quality.  

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